Friday, January 26, 2007

New website content up and running

Finally after multiple months of work we have the website up on a server. It will not be our finite home but at least our whole stuff is now back again. We now hoave a new comercial stuff section and Mjm & Shadz did an amazing pice of work. Checkout the new website at and give us feedback.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Remote exploit website is coming maybe this weekend

When everything is going well, will get its new website and new content by this weekend. Stay tuned and thank mjm for his work. We all love him :-)


BackTrack 2 new base design

well i just like to add here in my blog some progress myself or team is doing on certain topics. Today i just like to mention that Muts was working like hell to build the new base desing. Its still based on Slackware but not on SLAX as such. Add the modules we allready built have to be re-packaged and verified. We make good progress on in. Advantages we get from this: Much more modularization (Even in base stuff like kernel modules), Full Dual Core support (No more disabling the one of the cores), Lot of intel apple specific patches built in, Smaller iso size about 1/4 more space, based on standards and great anhancements for future developements.