Thursday, February 08, 2007

Microsoft don't trust anyone :-)

Well tonight i write about a real funny story. I was installing Windows Vista. What a hell of a wasting time. Maybe its just me, but i believe that this thing has maybe strong security feature built in. But those "Are you shure...." buttons get on everyones nerves pretty soon. Who cares about protecting the system context using virtualisation, when every user is happy to click on "Yes" and installs a malware because he was so annoyed about his 1000000000th request to decide.

During my installation marathon i found something funny. Unfortunately its in german only. But take a look on the picture. I inserted the original vista DVD in the drive and he started the original Vista installer. As you can see, Vista is complaining that it is unsigned and from an unknown issuer.

Its very funny that Microsoft gets a lot of Money for signing but they don't do it for themselves...hmmm should you really trust in that installer executeable?

Have a nice evening..muhaaaaaa