Monday, July 13, 2009

Keykeriki on the new PCB's

Today i just finished my first Keykeriki hardware on the professionally manufactured PCB's. When everything works fine, we can go into mass-production :-). There where no major problems during soldering, except that the pre-drilled holes for the antenna connector are to small. Simple to solve: Either cut of the ground connectors and solder it directly onto it or file the legs/connectors to a smaller shape using a dremel.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Lothar informed me about a strange behaviour of the iPhone running OS 3. It seems like the iPhone is automatically opening a browser when joining a network. (See video of the whole probleme here:

The iPhone tries to do the following:

1. DNS querries for
2. Opening

When both are successful, then fine... the phone gets back "success" and everything is ok.
When both are failing... thats fine as well because then the phone assumes that the internet connection is not up and running.

BUT <-- isn't there always a BUT?!

If the phone can succcessfully querry the name but get back any different content than "Success"
it assumes that there is a captive portal which requires you to authenticate first to get access to the internet.

This is true for many hotspots etc... so Apple was thinking.. damn thats annoying for the user... lets open up
Safari automatically if this special case comes into place :-)

Usability kills security .... together with karmetasploit its a very evil thing. Get Iphones cookies, accounts and maybe even
system control... depending on the bugs you have left to test.

You can see the whole thing as a video @vimeo .... now lets find some new safari bugs :-)

And thank you lothar for the fish.