Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to kill and rescue a DX-7 Radio

Well to be honest, i am no the best soldering guy but i managed after an initial learning curve (Killed a XBOX once) to extend my soldering skill. Now i liked the fact that i could extend the battery life of my radion controller by replacing the voltage regulator. You can find some details here:

Now to the ugly part, i desoldered the old voltage regulator and everything whent fine, but i made a misstake with the last pin (VIN) and the pin comes of with the traces on the pcb (short piece of it). After screaming some strange sentences...i calmed and started to bring out my voltmeter and where looking for traces and lucky me i found some. Because VOUT and GND where still intact it was a piece of cake and did cost me only to add a small cable from another connector to the voltage regulator.

I did test it within my basement of the house and it seems to work. PUH! I have to test it in the wild maybe tomorrow. Anyway i am happy that now my readio is working again.

Here are some pictures:

1. The destructed traces (The most left one)
2. Completed fix (Still ugly soldering but i was very scary to kill others again

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

slow startup

In the company we where shifting our office lately. Seems like the new office has some new challenges for me. After fighting like a ninja with my cable provider, we got internet again ! wooot.

Ok i guess you all are more interested on the progress on backtrack and my other funny projects. At the moment i work on an appliance we will deliver which will include a lot of specials. Because it will be based on BackTrack 3 i bug fix a lot of stuff. Gnuradio is making me crazy right now. Building that monster isn't that simple as it looks like :-) But when i am done with it i start porting lot of the keyboard research code into gnuradio modules.

Ok enough for right now i will continue when i got time and a bit more details.

thnx for reading.